Saturday, July 26, 2008

No more TEARS for Niagara Region

Niagara This Week - July 25, 2008


Niagara's regional government has closed the file on a proposed animal sanctuary in Thorold, saying it no longer needs to be involved because proponents of the sanctuary known as The Endangered Animals Rescue Society (TEARS) no longer plan to create a public, commercial sanctuary.

At a meeting July 16, regional politicians agreed that the proposal no longer requires an amendment to regional policies and that proponent Chris Morabito should seek permission from the City of Thorold for a private, small-scale sanctuary.

The region appeared poised to turn down the application last fall, with regional staff saying the sanctuary -- which could house animals such as primates, cougars, lions and reptiles - didn't meet regional and provincial planning objectives, and because the City of Thorold had turned down related applications.

Regional staff also said last fall that work had been done on the TEARS property along Highway 406 such as installing animal cages, building an earth berm, removing trees from a woodlot and installing portable buildings without getting necessary approvals or permits.

Plans have now changed so the sanctuary would only be a private one, said regional staff.

Animal Protection Institute - Captive Exotic Animals

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