Sunday, September 7, 2008

Picture respect for animals - Saturday September 6, 2008


Victoria - Showing the photo of the two monkeys in a Chinese zoo dressed as a bride and groom, and writing as part of the caption that they are "tak[ing] part" in the ceremony, implies that it's fun, voluntary and acceptable (Day In Photos: Best From The Past 24 - online, Sept. 5).

These are wild creatures in captivity that are not only dressed in costume, but tethered with chains around their necks. It's sickening.

Sure, use the photo, but use it to draw attention to the fact that animals continue to be mistreated and objectified for our amusement.

When people start to view animals who are dressed up and crudely tethered as unhappy victims of the zoo and entertainment industries, then we'll make great strides in what we loosely term "civilized society."

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